Wasteland 2 - Original Soundtrack by Mark Morgan

Wasteland 2 - Album Cover
1Desert Nomads03:14
2A Ranger's Journey04:23
3God's Militia04:09
4Synth Uprise02:18
5Highpool Prison02:36
6The Underground03:42
7Tribal Wasteland03:18
8After the Blast04:44
10War of Borders03:01
11Radiation Cloud04:36
12Twisted Preacher03:31

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Mark Morgan is a composer of film, television and videogames. Influenced by some of the more fringe elements of music, Mark has developed a style embracing an electronic, industrial, ethnic, and acoustic palette that is not only sonically cool but emotionally deep as well.

In addition to his score for Wasteland 2, Mark composed music for Fallout, Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, the upcoming Torment: Tides of Numenera, as well as for a wide variety of film and television shows.

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Wasteland 2 - Choir Songs EP by Nathan Long & Matt Findley

Wasteland 2 - Album Cover
1Samson, Samson (Harmony)00:31
2Samson, Samson (Unison)00:30
3The Hammer And The Book (Harmony)01:37
4The Hammer And The Book (Unison)01:30
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This free bonus EP contains 4 tracks showcasing the choir songs found in Wasteland 2. Written by Nathan Long and Matt Findley, and performed by the Texas Lutheran Children's Choir.

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