Wasteland 1 - Art Print by Barry E. Jackson

Limited and signed art print from the grandfather of post apocalyptic RPGs... Wasteland

A unique chance to own a part of videogame history: inXile entertainment is offering a limited run of high quality art prints of the classic Wasteland 1 cover! Each print is hand-numbered and signed by the artist, Barry E. Jackson.

1988's Wasteland is an iconic post-apocalyptic cRPG, listed in 1996 by Computer Gaming World (#148) as the ninth best PC video game of all time. In 2000, IGN ranked Wasteland the 24th top PC game of all time, calling it "one of the best RPGs to ever grace the PC". In 2012, Kotaku called Wasteland "a pioneering RPG", known for "a rich and flexible approach to its obstacles and combat", "a dry, violent and smart video game".

Wasteland 1 - Box

Barry E. Jackson is a veteran production designer who has worked in film and video gaming. His career credits include videogames such as Goldeneye, Medal of Honor Rising Sun and the Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth, and movies such as the Prince of Egypt, Titan A.E., The Nightmare Before Christmas and Escape from Planet Earth.

The original cover art for Wasteland defied all conventions and was as unique and eye-catching as the game it contained. Five individuals face down a lone figure - hero or villain - in an archetypical standoff, the setting sun drawing long shadows and a hellish glow over a ruined cityscape. In one glance, the cover told the player so much about the game: an atmosphere-laden title with strong teamwork, where one is likely to seek out and find violent confrontations.

But more than that, it evokes the setting, which was one rarely explored at the time: in the year 2087, following a nuclear war between the United States and Soviet Union, Wasteland saw a team of desert rangers exploring the ruined desert and cityscapes of Arizona and Nevada. Investigating the remaining enclaves of human civilization, the rangers have to fight their way through mutated animals and humans, from deadly bunnies to the gigantic scorpitron.

After receiving many requests from fans hungry for a reproduction of this classic work, inXile found a method that fits: we are doing a fine art digital printing process called archival pigment printing. Archival pigment printing produces excellent color range and sharpness, and involves refined particles of pigment that make the print more resilient to erosion. We are printing on very high quality paper: Crane Museo Max™ 365gsm Archival Fine Art Paper. The print is 14" x 14" with a 1.25" border on all size for a total size of 16.5" x 16.5", which is the size of the original art. All prints are numbered and hand-signed, with a limited run of 500. Later this year, we will issue regular posters of the stunning Wasteland 2 art you've seen, but this is a one-time opportunity to own this classic piece of video game history.

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