Wasteland 2: Director's Cut is set in post-apocalyptic Arizona and California, decades after a nuclear holocaust wiped out civilization as we know it. When the dust settled, a group of US Army Engineers stranded in the Arizona desert found themselves surrounded by the dangers of the new world - cultists, cannibals, and criminals. Taking shelter in an old state prison, and expelling those within it, those humble engineers began to help the innocents who remained - those who could not fight to keep themselves safe. Over time, those US Army Engineers became known as the Desert Rangers, upholders of justice in the Wasteland.

The game begins fifteen years after the events of the original Wasteland. You take control of a new group of recruits into the Desert Rangers, and are tasked with investigating the murder of an experienced Ranger called Ace. Quickly learning of mysterious and hostile radio broadcasts preaching death and doom to the Desert Rangers, General Vargas, your leader, sends you on a mission to uncover the truth behind those broadcasts, and put an end to the threat.

Diverse Locations

The end of the world hasn't meant the end of interesting places to visit. Throughout the Wasteland, you'll visit dozens of locations carved out by survivors of the post-atomic age, spread out all over Arizona and California. Diverse settlements and towns, long-abandoned factories with machinery left silent, research facilities and hidden vaults full of ancient knowledge, and more will be yours to discover.

There are locations new and old to explore. Places like Highpool, the Ag Center, Rail Nomads Camp, and more make up the Desert Rangers' familiar territory and return from the original Wasteland game more fully-realized than ever before, with their own conflicts and problems to solve. But head out into those uncharted reaches and you'll come across places like the Canyon of Titan and Damonta, and even more in California - left far from the Rangers' influence, and with higher stakes than ever.

Cults, Cannibals & Criminals

The Wasteland is full of groups looking to stake their claims. Sure, the Desert Rangers may want to ensure peace and safety, but not everyone's so idealistic. Groups of deadly raiders like the Wrecking Crew fight and squabble over their own chunks of territory, taking pieces out of each other and anyone else who stands in their way - or just gets unlucky. Remnants of indigenous groups have been affected by post-apocalyptic life, idolizing fragments of the old world. Cults of ICBM-worshipping fanatics pay tribute to Titan and rejoice in the atomic fire of the Great Glow. Militias and mercenaries fight from the shadows to control and manipulate others from behind the scenes. And even the most genteel, civilized types often have dark secrets they don't want others finding out.

In Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, you'll make your mark on these groups, whether that's by joining with them, fighting them, or even just passing them by and hoping to not piss them off too much. Some might be your allies, and others, your enemies - and yet more just want to use you as much as you want to use them. Your decisions in dealing with the factions of the Wasteland will determine the fate of its people, as well as your own.

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