World Map

World Map HUD

The Wasteland is a big and hostile place. In your travels, you'll go from location-to-location using the World Map. On the World Map, you'll need to pay attention to a number of new elements.

Geiger Counter

The Geiger Counter displays your current radiation level, and will begin ticking when moving through radiation clouds. When you see the needle move and hear a ticking sound, keep an eye on your squad's CON – radiation that's too high a level can cause damage and even kill you. You can mitigate or eliminate radiation damage by equipping a radiation suit.

Water Indicator

When on the World Map, you'll need to keep an eye on the Water Indicator. Water is a resource you consume when traveling, and can be refilled at wells, as well as oases. If you run out of water, your squad will begin taking damage and may eventually die.

Random Encounters


Random Encounters can occur while on the World Map. The Wasteland is dangerous, and sometimes your Rangers will run into bands of raiders or wild animals. If this happens, the game will prompt you to attack, or attempt to run away (dependent on your Outdoorsman skill).

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