The Wasteland series' impressive and innovative lineage has been preserved at its very core, but modernized for the fans of today with Wasteland 2: Director's Cut. Immerse yourself in turn-based tactical combat that will test the very limits of your strategy skills as you fight to survive a desolate world where brute strength alone isn’t enough to save you.

In Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, you command a squad of up to seven Desert Rangers, giving them unique skills, proficiencies, armor and weapons and conquer your enemies through superior firepower and tactics. Execute the perfect combination to suppress your enemies, take cover to dodge incoming fire, and use devastating explosives to rip your foes to shreds. The Wasteland is a harsh and deadly place, and you will need to master combat to survive.

Turn-Based Tactics

Take control of your squad to overcome your enemies. In Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, combat plays out in turn-based mode, with each character acting in order so you can precisely execute your plans. With dozens of unique enemy types, from roughshod raiders, to vicious mutated animals, to highly-trained mercenaries, to synths made out of flesh, plastic and steel, each battle will present a unique challenge as you position your squad, pick your shots, use terrain to rain lead from above, and take cover to avoid counter-assaults.

Plan & Execute

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut gives you more options than ever to come out victorious. Destroy an enemy's cover to leave them defenseless. Use your heavy machine gun to supress an enemy while your shotgunner covers the flank. Use the Ambush feature to hold back and wait for the enemy to march right into your sights. Crouch down to stabilize your aim, trading mobility for accuracy when you need it most. Fire on an enemy with Precision Strikes to soften up their armor, blow their gun to bits, or leave them knocked senseless.

Your squad's unique Quirks and Perks will also offer new abilities as you advance through the game. By customizing your squad's weapon training and equipment, as well as nearly 20 character-defining Quirks and nearly 90 Perk upgrades, you'll be able to create a capable team of Desert Rangers able to take on any threat.

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